Hail The Headboard!

Headboards are a staple of pallet deconstruction projects, door upcycling and hand-me-down furniture acquisition. The are also the unsung hero of getting your deposit back from your landlord! Elevate your bedroom style with a symbol of sophisticated adulthood with these simple ideas.


So simple right? Basic metal bedframes (sans headboard) are a commonly abandoned by former tenants. If your budget is tight, check alleys, thrift stores, online marketplaces or ask on social media. You can usually get a used frame for under $50 or free. Basic frames allow you to attach standard headboards using bolts or screws. With your bed off the ground, you have additional storage and have taken a key step away from college apartment chic.


A headboard prevents your pillows, hair, body parts and everything a blacklight reveals from being smeared against the wall. Without it, a black streak slowly forms. It grosses out guests and leaves you furiously scrubbing or repainting a wall to try to get back a security deposit.


Headboards do not have to be part of a full bedroom set. With basic bedframe in hand, you can choose a style, material, color and scale that fits your bedroom mood. Here are suggestions to create or assemble your own with minimal tools.

TEXTURED AND BOHEMIAN: Have a a home improvement store cut 3/8” plywood to 2” wider than the width of your mattress. Paint a solid color and attach three heavy duty picture hangers to the back. Glue 1/2”-1” upholstery foam (or an old memory foam topper) to give some softness. Cover in an unexpected material: tie-died wall hanging, sheepskins, an oriental rug, a retro tablecloth, or the fabric of the moment. Staple it on the backside, stretching it over the foam. Hang onto hooks anchored in the wall studs. When you tire of the look, do a quick change of fabric.

ANY STYLE ON BUDGET: Thrift and used furniture stores will make deals on beds. The problem: you find one you love but there seems to be no way to attach it to the frame! With a stud finder, 4 L-Brackets, anchors and screws you can secure the headboard to the wall. First measure from the ground to the bottom of where you want to attach the L bracket to the headboard. Next attach the L-Brackets to the wall studs using the stud finder. Mount them so that they provide a base for the headboard but don’t carry the weight. Place the headboard on the brackets and screw into place. Add more L brackets at the top or sides in an inconspicuous spot if it needs more stabilization.

Your bedroom will feel more complete, cleaner and stylish with your headboard in place. Let it be an opportunity to express your sense of design and set a relaxing mood.